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We specialize in replacement of polybutylene in apartments, town homes, hotels, motels, trailer parks, condominiums and multi units. We are licensed in the state of Florida. This site is mainly geared towards larger re pipe jobs and not individual homes. However, So if you are in need of a plumber who can handle large replumbing jobs, Please give Greenlee Plumbing call.

Specializing in residential and multi-unit interior and exterior polybutylene replacement, Greenlee Plumbing is a family owned and operates out of the Atlanta area. We are licensed and insured in GA,FL, AL, SC, and NC.

We provide complete plumbing services through our Oralndo Affiliate in these areas only: Metro Orlando, Apopka, Sanford, Longwood, Winter Park, Kissimmee, Altamonte Springs, Wekiva Springs ,Winter Springs, Oveido and Castleberry.

Are you overwhelmed with polybutylene leaks in your multi-unit or apartment? Is your maintenance staff over worked dealing with leaks? Are you tired of complaining tenants? Increase the value of your investment with a polybutylene replacement by Greenlee Plumbing.

With a replumb of your multi-unit you will reduce your risks and save thousands in property and mold damage. Also, properties with poly are known to be harder to sell.

Are you doing a condo conversion? Now is the perfect time to replace the polybutylene.

With our experience of 1000’s of apartments, Master plumber Greg Greenlee and Gary Greenlee have the skills and the crew you need working for you on your multi-unit replumb job. Our attention to detail far surpasses that of the nationwide companies that use mostly unlicensed plumbers to do the work without the daily supervision of a master plumber.

There is no job too big or too small for Greenlee Plumbing. If you own 5 or 500 apartments, we will complete the job on time and on budget. We can complete your job anywhere in the state of Georgia, Alabama, North Carolina, Florida, or South Carolina. With our turnkey service, drywall repair and paint is done by skilled and experienced craftsman. We are usually in and out of a unit in 2 days, minimizing the inconvenience to your tenants.

We are generally competing for your business against large nationwide corporations with very high overhead. When you see our low prices, it’s not because we don’t know what we are doing, it’s because our overhead is low and we are very efficient at what we do.

Polybutylene piping is a low-cost piping formed of plastic resin used for water pipe. It is commonly gray, white, blue or sometimes black in color. Blue Poly piping is employed as a substitute for copper piping in underground water mains. Due to the ease of installing interior polybutylene piping, it was used in the construction of millions of homes throughout the U.S. between 1978 and 1995; however, it has been discovered that as polybutylene pipe ages and reacts with water-soluble oxidants, it begins to degrade and can leak, causing severe damage to the surrounding building structure.

The presence of polybutylene pipe can severely affect a home’s value on the real estate market. Polybutylene pipe generally takes 10-15 years to begin to show signs of severe deterioration; therefore it is important to know what problems can be caused by its presence, and what can be done about it before it does pose a risk.

Problems with Polybutylene

Although some polybutylene piping problems stem from improper installation, most complaints are with the integrity of the piping itself. Polybutylene pipe is known to deteriorate due to contact with oxidants normally found in public water supplies. The failure can occur in the plastic fittings or in the pipe itself. A main concern regarding polybutylene pipe is that, since the oxidants are carried in the water, the pipe deteriorates from the inside. This makes it very difficult to determine if the pipe is truly in good condition. Most home inspectors cannot give a reliable assessment on the condition of polybutylene piping unless there is a visible problem with the exterior of the pipe or its installation. In addition, when a leak occurs, it may be extremely severe because the deterioration occurs from within.

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